The Money Shot

Neil LaBute’s darkly funny look at all things Hollywood. Steve (Earl Campbell) and Karen (Sarah McGee), screen idols past their peak in desperate need of a hit, have assembled in her Hollywood hills home to discuss a sensitive professional matter with their respective partners. But before they commit their coupling to digital eternity, they want to clear it with Bev (LisaMarie Smith), Karen’s live-in girlfriend, and Missy (Lauren Hall), Steve’s much younger wife. The meeting starts nasty, turns nastier and is consistently hilarious.

“Neil LaBute does it again—and even farther out…entertainment start to finish…LaBute gets his laughs—and he gets a carload of them…Watching Hollywood get its comeuppance, the audience gets its money’s worth.” —The Huffington Post. “…comedy comes first…consistently hilarious.” —New York Post. “…an acid-tongued showbiz satire…barbed accuracy…consistent pleasure…so spirited is the jousting—and LaBute’s seemingly inexhaustible supply of acerbic zingers—that one could easily watch it all go on even longer and more absurdly into the night. [LaBute] has several rip-roaring showstoppers up his sleeve…” —Variety.