Light and Shadow

One-night only, developmental reading: Friday, February 24th at 7:00 pm

Book by Bennett Ayres and KT Peterson
Music and Lyrics by Tony Guerrero and Erin Rettino

No witnesses. No evidence.
All that remains are the chilling photographs of the victims.
How do you root out a killer?  All you need is… LIGHT AND SHADOW

Starring: Eric Olson, Elsie McNulty, Claire Wilcher, Paige Scott, Megan Van Daam,       Ella Seet, Devan Mathias, Ben Asaykwee, Clay Mabbit, Dave Ruark, Kelsee Hankins, Ryan Ruckman, Ty Stover, Noah Winston, Matthew Altman, Jaddy Ciucci, Scott Fleshood, and Matt Campbell

Experience the development of a brand-new musical, and join in a facilitated feedback session after the performance!

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