Indy Magic Monthly


What:  Taylor Martin’s Indy Magic Monthly 9th Anniversary Show!

When:  Tuesday, April 4, 2017 @7 p.m., lecture to follow at 9 p.m.

Where:  Theatre On The Square, 627 Massachusetts Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46204

When a show such as Indy Magic Monthly gets to 9 years of performances, something special has to be done for the beginning of its 10th. Indy Magic Monthly proudly presents one of the most influential magicians of all time, from Chicago, Eugene Burger. Master Burger has taught and consulted with some of the top magic acts in the world. His writings on magic teach magicians how to turn a trick into magic. And to top it off, Mr. Burger will lecture after the show. His movie, From Divinity School to Mystery School, has been reviewed by some of best critics in magic as a revelation. He rarely makes appearances in public shows, as he is in high demand for corporate events, and to have him at Indy Magic Monthly for a second time is a chance that may never come again.

Joining him on the Theatre On The Square Christel DeHaan Mainstage will be two other great magicians from Chicago. Benjamin Barnes, one of the founders of Magic Chicago, returns with his wonderful brand of mentalism. Magic Chicago is one of the shows that inspired Taylor Martin to create IMM. Luis Carreon also returns after his performance last fall. He is one of the new generation of wizards and can be put in the same company as Francis Menotti and others.

All three of these performers could headline on their own, but on April 4 they will all be on the same stage. Taylor Martin will perform and MC for the anniversary show. Prizes and surprises will abound! Come see why Indy Magic Monthly has been called one of the finest shows of its kind in America. This may be the biggest magic show in Indy this year and one of the most affordable.

Tickets:  $25 for adults, $20 for under 16 and over 61, and $60 for a family ticket of up to 5, 2 children please. Lecture is $15 with show ticket and $20 without.

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Information:  (317) 431-1320 or