Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros

July 28th-30th, Aug 4th-6th, 11th-13th
Friday & Saturday at 8pm, Sunday at 2:30pm. Tickets $15. Click here to purchase tickets online!

Catalyst—continuing our mission to produce thought provoking theatre like The Diviners, Tooth of Crime, our award-winning Equus and most recently, our critically acclaimed Feral Boy—joins No Holds Bard—dedicated to cavalier productions like The F—ing Classiest Show Ever and Richard III—to bring this rarely produced gem to Indianapolis. Inspired by recent events, No Holds Bard and Catalyst Repertory proudly present Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros in a sleek, sharp, and hysterical production at Theatre on the Square’s second stage.

Berenger lives a very normal life. He’s a little messy. He’s sometimes late for work. He drinks too much. And everyone he knows is becoming a rhinoceros. At first the phenomenon doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem, but when his best friend Jean transforms right before his eyes, Berenger begins to worry. Soon he finds himself holed up as though he were in a zombie movie. Only with rhinoceroses.

Ionesco wrote this play in response to the political zealotry he witnessed all around himself in Europe during the middle of the twentieth century. When surrounded by extremism and hatred, one of humanity’s strongest weapons in defense of civility and decency is, naturally, comedy. It is not a stretch to see the prescience of a piece about normal people transforming into rampaging beasts. Therein lies the heart of the play; it’s not necessarily poking fun at the absurdity of political organizations; it’s poking fun at how easy it is for people to believe in them. In the year 2017, we find ourselves blindly stampeding along with the rest of the herd. Maybe it’s time to take a moment to step out for a little while and laugh at it.

Including many local favorites—in addition to featuring a cast of both Catalyst alumni and newcomers—Rhinoceros stars Zachariah Stonerock (fresh off directing Catalyst’s most recent production, Feral Boy) and is directed by longtime Catalyst collaborator, Tristan Ross.

Zachariah Stonerock… Berenger
Tim Fox… Dudard
Abbie Wright… Daisy
Tristan Ross… Jean
Josh Ramsey… The Logician/Mr. Papillon
David Mosedale… Old Gentleman/Little Old Man
Sarah Holland Froehlke… Housewife/Little Old Man’s Wife
Denise Jaeckel… Waitress/Mrs. Boeuf
John Mortell… Proprietor/Botard